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Tomche Shabbos of Boro Park - Flatbush

It’s Shabbos…

Imagine hosting hundreds of guests, rejoicing at your table….

Tomche Shabbos has been providing food for struggling families in our community who plead for help for basic Shabbos and Yom Tov provisions enabling them to sit and rejoice with their family at their own Shabbos table.

Your generous contribution will help us cover our yearly budget of 1.3 Million Dollars.


About Us

Tomche Shabbos was founded in 1975 with its humble beginnings of a single package for a bedridden man’s family who was in financial struggle. This noble act of kindness has mushroomed into a $1.3 million yearly operation funded by goodhearted people like yourself for the hundreds of families in need.

Weekly food boxes are carefully assembled by a team of volunteers, including professional businessmen and students alike, and discreetly delivered by additional volunteers to the homes of needy families. Our recipients are screened for eligibility and include families struggling for various reasons, be it the death of a parent, unemployment, elderly individuals or families struggling with medical crises.

We currently assist approximately four hundred families in need, weekly with food for Shabbos and Yom Tov. Pesach is an especially challenging Yom Tov, wherein we provide for over 1000 families with a budget exceeding $500,000.

We want to help everyone in need. However, we need your support in this worthy and vital cause.

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Thank You very much for all the great Chasadim you & entire Chevra did, what you do today and iy’h all things you will do. May Hashem continue to bless you & your entire family & you entire chevra with abundance of good health, success ‘ happiness and everything what you need.

Tishrei 5780

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